PhD students

MSc/BSc projects

Generalized Polya Urn models with non-linear reinforcement, with Floor Jacobs
Agent based models of wealth distribution and monetary dynamics, with Anja Janischewski
co-supervised with Alexander Karalis-Isaac: The impact of the monetary system on growth and debt crises with Sam Forbes
Conditioned Markov processes and cloning algorithms with Letizia Angeli 2014:
Matrix product ansatz for two-type stochastic particle systems with Esther Wershof
co-supervised with Anne Straube: Cell crawling and interactions with Jessica Talbott
Fluctuations in non-Markovian TASEP with Diana Khoromskaia
Expansion as a source of diversity with Joel Nicholls
co-supervised with Paul Chleboun: Attractive transport, urn models and condensation with Thomas Rafferty
co-supervised with Robert Cross: Brief encounter: traffic dynamics of crowded molecular walkers with Neil Jenkins
Duality and Diffusion limits in population genetics models with Watthanan Jatuviriyapornchai
co-supervised with Ellak Somfai: Spatial competition in growing populations with selective pressure with Yuri Lifanov
co-supervised with Rosemary Harris: Adsorption-desorption models and catalytic surface processes with Arran Tamsett
co-supervised with Paul Chleboun: Condensation in disordered zero-range processes with Luis Garcia
Competition interfaces in expanding populations with Claudia Cioli
co-supervised with Daniel Ueltschi: Spatial random permutations with Alexander Lovisolo
co-supervised with Sach Mukherjee: Resampling methods and urn models with Matthew Graham
Traffic modeling and stochastic particle systems with Richard Dodd
Pattern formation in traffic flow with Martine Barons
Metastability and extinction in birth-death systems with Adnan Ali
co-supervised with Nikos Zygouras: Random media, random polymers and random surfaces with Oliver Hambrey
Nonequilibrium phase transitions in perturbed particle systems with Paul Chleboun
Synchronization in complex networks with Steven Hill